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By 2050, 80% of the world’s projected 9 billion citizens will live in urban areas. A dense population requires integrated public transport systems to ensure safe and efficient travel. At FARA we believe that cities can meet future mobility challenges through the implementation of integrated IT-solutions that enable passengers to travel with ease, drivers to go unhindered, and public transport authorities to monitor, control and operate public transport.

To ensure increased use of public transport, we at FARA we have developed a system that we call SMART – “SMART Mobile Applications for Real-Time and Ticketing”. The FARA SMART concept consists of four elements:


SMART:myTraveleverything a passenger needs to plan their journey, buy tickets and stay updated about their trip in real-time.

Products include: mobile applications, web shop, sales office, real-time information, interactive maps, zone information and ticketing price look-up


SMART:myDrive –  on-board ticketing and validation, passenger information and real-time tracking of the vehicle.

Products include: ticket sales and validators, on-board infotainment system, passenger announcement, passenger information management, display control, voice over IP, journey tracking, driver mail and driver settlement


SMART:myOperation ­– real-time views of the bus route status for traffic monitors, operators, public transport, controllers and public transport authorities. Ensures quality throughout the journey.

Products include: Point of sales application, fleet management, traffic management, sales and inspection tools, traffic light priority and push alerts


SMART:myCloud – reporting travel information, ticket purchases and real-time information from vehicles to the operators  that manage all these interconnected services in the cloud.  

Products include: Sales service, after-sales operations, cross-reports, validation service, inspection service and real-time information services

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