Passenger Announcements

FARA’s Passenger Announcements feature provides clear audio updates to passengers, either travelling onboard or externally at bus stops or terminals. Our solution includes market-leading Text-to-Speech (TTS) engines at stops and terminals where required, for clear deciphering of text and communication.

When used on board, our Passenger Announcements system is connected to the SmartHUB via ITxPT audio interface and digital I/O, for activating internal audio, external audio and driver audio. The solution can be configured per vehicle, with adjustments to volume on required lines, points, day, time of day, all adjustable within a set configurable volume range. This volume range, plus specific settings and audio exceptions will be created by the Point Editor or service personnel via our Service Menu, which will then be implemented on each bus.

On bus announcements may include communicating departure, destinations and upcoming bus stops. Like our Internal Displays, the system will interpret which stops have alighting/boarding restrictions and will announce this to passengers. External voice announcements can be configured to play ‘Arrival / Stop’ events.

The service menu enables service personnel to test and configure each of the available audio channels. This includes setting a default volume, and configure the volume range the driver can adjust the volume within for each channel.

Our solution is available in multiple languages, and is ready for use in various locations.



Universal Design

Market leading Text-to-Speech (TTS) capability and great flexibility for settings adjustments.

Adjustable Volume

The driver cannot mute announcements, but will be able to adjust the volume within a set range.


Announcements with voice files in single or multiple languages is supported, both for internal and external announcements.

Point Editing

Exceptions or specific point and volume settings for voice announcement are easily implemented.

Service Menu

The service menu enables service personnel to test and configure each of the available audio channels.