Salesman Application

The Salesman Application is the handheld version of the Driver Application, meant for Handheld Ticket Machines in buses, trains and ferries. 

Both ticket sales and ticket validation are supported through the Salesman application, which includes similar functionalities as the Driver Ticketing application:

  • Salesman sign on (username and PIN code or driver card and PIN code) and sign out
  • Sale of tickets
  • Cancellation of sold tickets
  • Loading funds on the customer account
  • Validation of tickets

The user is presented with available ticket options for the selected journey, and can sell paper tickets or tickets to the passenger’s account via a secure token. Fare media tokens can also be read to view the traveller’s purse balance and the tickets that are connected to the fare media. If the traveller has an expired ticket connected to their fare media that they would like to renew, that is easily achieved without needing to search for the product ticket manually. There is also the functionality for passengers to top up their funds.

Android Compatible

The applications runs on a handheld Android device, with optional Bluetooth printer available for issuing paper tickets.

Ticket Validation

The Salesman application uses the handheld device’s camera to validate mobile and paper tickets. This comes with clear instructions for easy set-up.

Shift Settlement

When a user logs out at the end of their shift, a shift settlement receipt can be printed from the connected printer, summarizing both sales and cancellations that were logged during the session.