Reporting Client

In addition to the reporting provided by Active Traffic Control, additional insights can be provided via the Reporting Client feature. The Reporting Client is based on standard Microsoft Reporting Services for report design and reporting presentation.

The Reporting Client is a full range of ready-to-use tools and services to help create, deploy and manage reports, as well as programming features that enable extending and customising the reporting functionality. It includes an access-controlled web-based reporting portal as well as a report builder application, to create tailored web-based reports customised to individual organisations.

Reports can be designed using graphical elements like tables, charts and other controls, and each of these can be bound to data elements extracted from the database.

Daily reports can be scheduled for ease, with statistics on passenger occupancy, driving behaviours and vehicle reports provided. These can either be viewed online or can be emailed to you.

Varying degrees of information can be provided within the reports. Coding is not required, but complex reports may require optimised SQL queries for faster and better performance. Alternatively, we’re happy to support your requirements and create more specific, bespoke reports for your organisation’s needs.

Custom Report Templates

The Reporting Client allows customer to design their own reports, using a graphical report builder.

Various Formats

Reports are viewed in a web browser and can be exported to Microsoft Excel, Adobe Acrobat .PDF, XML and WebArchive (HTML) files.

Daily Reports

Daily reports can be scheduled automatically, or triggered by specific events.

Bespoke Reports

The FARA team are happy to create bespoke reports to meet your organisation’s requirements.