Alcolock Alarm

As part of our RTI solution, we offer SmartHUB integration to existing Alcolock devices within your vehicle. This enables clear communication and an important safety measure, by ensuring your drivers are not under the influence of alcohol for their shift.

Upon starting a shift, the system can be set to wait for an Alcolock “ok” signal before the driver can proceed. Acceptance of this “ok” signal (or a “not ok” signal) will be logged locally and reported to the back-office.

Depending on the Alcolock device on your vehicle, it is also possible to request an Alcolock test upon driver sign-on, or to initiate a test from the back office.

If an Alcoclock test is positive, the result is immediately shared on the traffic operator screen in addition to detailed bus information and the vehicle location. A sound alarm is also triggered to draw attention to this as an urgent action.  This feature is only available for the operators with the specific role (Alcolock access) assigned to them.

Various Alcolock Integration

Easy integration with vehicle Alcolock ignition interlock devices.

Extended Functionality

Tests can be requested upon shift sign-on, driver changes, after a specified number of stops or at any specified given time.


Alcolock information is considered sensitive data, and therefore stored and processed according to GDPR directives.