Driver Messaging

FARA’s Driver Messaging feature provides an integrated text messaging solution between bus drivers and Traffic Controllers, within our Real Time Information system.

With Driver Messaging, operators can easily send important announcements and service updates to one or more drivers, to drivers on nominated services, or a specific vehicle.

To send a message, operators simply select their message from a variety of templates for ease. Alternatively, free text message capability is enabled for more individualised communications. Messages can also be flagged as high priority and require the driver’s acknowledgement for proof of receipt.

Our Driver Messaging feature also includes a clean-up mechanism, so only the most recent and relevant messages remain in inboxes.

Functionality within the vehicle includes:

  • Read the mails sent to the vehicle
  • Send free text mails to the traffic controller
  • Send predefined mails to the traffic controller

Functionality for Traffic Controllers includes:

  • Read all mail from all vehicles
  • Write a mail to one or multiple vehicles
  • Respond to a given mail
  • Write high-priority mails which are presented as a modal dialog and requires the driver to close it manually

Free Text and Predefined Messages

Messages can be free text, or selected from a list of templates.

High Priority Alert

High priority messages are flagged as urgent, and require driver acknowledgement for proof of receipt.

Recipient Selection

Messages from the traffic Controller can be sent to a specific vehicle, to all vehicles on a specific line or to a group of vehicles.

Mail Cleanup

The FARA Solution includes a clean-up mechanism in order to keep only the most recent and relevant messages in the inbox, thus avoiding spamming the drivers with notifications that have little to no value.