Traveller Mobile Application

Planning your journey is the first step for every trip to a new destination. With our Traveller Mobile Application, we make travelling even easier by enabling passengers to plan their journey and purchase a ticket for it, at the same time. 

The feature keeps things as simple as possible, and knows the user’s current location as well as their previous search history for intuitive journey planning. Searching for a destination can be based on departure and arrival, in addition to preferred transport means.

Once their journey has been mapped out, passengers can then choose to buy single tickets, period tickets and multi-ride tickets. Receipts are then sent to a specified email address.

Tickets can be purchased either directly from the travel planner feature or from the ticket purchase menu, which provides a clear selection of available tickets and payment methods. Payment options include payment cards, mobile payment, invoice, and your ABT or smart card purse. The geographical validity can be pre-defined (area ticket) or set based on the journey’s start and end point.

Furthermore, ​the FARA solution also supports other centrally issued tickets, e.g. student and employee tickets, where an employer can provide tickets for travel to and from work during weekdays. This provides a tool to promote public transport while saving cost and time for their target audience.

Once purchased, the ticket is stored on the mobile app and validated either by an on-bus validator or by the ticket inspector.

After purchase, the traveller mobile application presents real time information to the user, such as estimated departure times and vehicle location. Furthermore, traffic alerts and updates on bus stops and trips on the map is also presented.​​

The traveller mobile application is available for Android and iOS phones and can be easily downloaded from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Registration is easy, requiring the user’s mobile number for authentication to text an activation code as confirmation to. The app users can be either anonymous or registered (creating a profile), alternatively the mobile app can be connected to an existing customer account.

Other supported features are:

  • Static timetable
  • Street view
  • Booking
  • Navigation to stop

Travel Planning

An intuitive user experience is provided, with the app knowing your current location and previously searched for destinations.

Various Ticket Types

The application supports purchase of single tickets, period tickets and punch tickets (multi-ride).

Centrally Issued Tickets

The FARA solution also supports other centrally issued tickets, such as student and employee tickets.

Real Time Updates

Real time information for a specific stop or a selected geographical area is provided. The user can also see individual trips on the map, filtering on lines.

Push Messages

Traffic alert notifications can be received on the mobile app, in case of service changes.

White Labelled

The application is white labeled and can be adjusted to each customer, including colour palates, customer logos, data and available functionality. Support for multiple languages is embedded in the app, defaulting to the user mobile phone language settings.