My Pages

FARA My Pages is a multi-lingual web-based application, used to seamlessly purchase travel cards and mobile and paper tickets.

Registration to the My Pages app is easy. Users can create an account with their email address and/ or mobile number. Once set-up, they can store payment options on the app, with supported payment methods including debit and credit cards, Apple wallet or their ABT purse. Additional payment methods can also be added.

Users will then be able to purchase a variety of tickets, as well as purchase tickets on behalf of other users on the app. There’s a full account overview, so users can review payment options, top up their wallet, view past and future ticket purchases, and pay for new tickets for themselves or others at any time.

Personalised Dashboard

Overview of registered fare media, active and non activated tickets, ability to buy and send tickets and receive receipts.

Travel Discounts & Exclusives

The solution offers the possibility to integrate with third-party systems, giving users access to discounts and/or privileged traveller categories.

Multiple Payment Options

Debit and credit cards and purse can be used for ticket payment. Users can also top-up their purse within the My Pages app.

Auto Load to Purse

Rules for auto load can be defined, including lower limit for autoload, amount and payment card.

Transaction History

All historic transactions are stored on the account.

Online Chat Functionality

Customer support can be contacted using the online chat functionality, or users can submit a support form should they need assistance.

Profile Management

Individual profiles are created and can be accessed in the ‘My Profile’ view. Credentials and personal information like name, address, phone number and email address can be changed once logged-in.