Driver User Interface

FARA’s Driver User Interface provides a wealth of information and communication to drivers.

With FARA’s Driver User Interface, they can receive:

  • Schedule adherence insights
  • Real time disruption information
  • The ability to make and receive calls
  • Communication and updates from Traffic Controllers and Customer Centres via text

The touch-based driver user interface is easy to understand with intuitive icons and notifications. When installed together with FARA Ticketing, the system allows the driver to control both real time and ticketing from the same screen , with a single sign-on. The FARA system is not only cost efficient, but also saves space on the dashboard and drivers only must focus on one screen.

Easy to Use

The touch based Graphical User Interface (GUI) is easy for drivers to navigate.

Single Sign On

The integrated Ticketing and RTI Solution enables straight forward single sign on for drivers.

Dual RTI and Ticketing Capability

Upon arrival at a stop, the system can automatically switch to ticketing mode and on departing it can switch to RTI mode. At any given time, the driver can seamlessly toggle between RTI and ticketing mode.


Sign-on can be done using driver-ID & PIN, or enhanced security with card logon using QR code or NFC.