Traffic Light Priority (TLP)

The FARA Traffic Light Priority (TLP) solution is crucial for operators aiming to maintain planned schedules, reduce length of journeys and waiting times, and to encourage trust and reliance in the public transport sector.

Our solution is cost effective, and requires no road installation or on-bus hardware installation. The solution is integrated with various 3rd party Traffic Light Priority systems, enabling a swift installation and greater utilization of existing infrastructure. Integration is done can be done in a number of ways, for example:

  • Server to server via WebService API
  • FARA Traffic Priority Controller (TPC) integration to existing control cabinets
  • From vehicles to existing short-range modems in the traffic light

Upon installation, information is provided in real time via a set of standard reports, or via custom reports created within the system.

Cost Effective

TLP is cost effective due to decreased run times enabling increased bus frequency.

Seamless Integration

TLP is easily integrated with numerous third party systems.


Real time information can be provided via custom or standard reports.

Proven Solution

Implemented in Norway, Denmark, Sweden and Finland.