Contactless EMV (cEMV) Ticketing

Contactless EMV (cEMV) is a technical standard which ensures all chip-based and contactless payment cards, as well as payment terminals, are compatible worldwide. Whilst cEMV payment is prevalent in the retail industry, it’s only in recent years that we have seen the emergence of this within our sector.

At FARA, we can help you implement cEMV payments for your passengers efficiently and seamlessly. Firstly, with quick installation of the on-bus equipment that allows your passengers to tap and ride. And secondly, by processing the complex cEMV transit payments for you.

How does cEMV payment processing work?

With the FARA solution, cEMV transactions can be made via card, phone, smart watch and other tokens. Transactions are then processed in line with the Mastercard Aggregated Pay-As-You-Go transit framework, or the Visa Mass Transit Transaction (MTT) framework.

The passenger simply taps on when boarding and the fare is determined in the back-end, either based on the number of taps within a time frame where a best price fare is charged at the end of the day to the associated bank account, or per individual travel transaction. Capping rules and best price models are automatically applied, meaning your passengers can travel safe in the knowledge they are always getting the best deal.

Is FARA’s cEMV solution compatible with National Standards?

The good news is that here at FARA, we can be your technology partner that delivers both your cEMV and your National Standard requirements, something not widely provided by other suppliers. Our contactless solution is fully integrated with National Ticketing Standard API, including the Swedish Biljett– och Betalstandard (BoB) standard, and Norwegian standard Entur.

What on-bus installation is required for cEMV payments?

With our FARA Light Validator (FLV+), you can be up and running with contactless payments in no time. Designed to function on buses, trains or in kiosks, our FLV+ provides multimedia ticket validation for contactless payments, smart cards and mobile or paper 2D barcodes, making travel even easier for your passengers.

Flexible Fare Media

Debit and credit cards, mobile ticketing and smart wearable devices are all accepted.

Pay As You Go with Fare Capping

Easily apply capping based on various parameters – daily, weekly or hourly tickets, number of trips, plus more.

National Ticketing Standards

FARA’s contactless solution fully integrates with National Ticketing Standard API, including the Swedish Biljett– och Betalstandard (BoB) standard, and Norwegian Entur standard.

Easy Installation

Our FLV+ can be pole mounted at the vehicle’s doors or RAM mounted on the driver’s dashboard.