Passenger Information

Passenger Information is crucial in a modern public transport network.

The most common questions asked by passengers are:

  • How do I get to my destination?
  • When is the bus coming?
  • How do I pay for my travel?

The FARA Solution provides this information through clear, accurate and relevant Real Time Information on our Traveller Mobile App, Bus stop information displays, information displays and voice announcement on the vehicles. This includes public messages on service changes, combined with simple to use best price ticketing.

Static Passenger Information

Includes current schedule information, transit options at the next stop to the same or other modes of public transport.

Real Time Information

Changes continuously according to real-world events during the journey as well as real-time announcements and updated on the journey.

Multiple Channels and Media

FARA passenger information is delivered via various channels and mediums, such as, voice announcements, destination displays, infotainment displays, at street displays etc.

Public Messages

FARA Solution provides configurable public messages and emergency information to inform passengers in-route or at public transport stops with generic or tailored messages and emergency information announcements.


Entertainment and advertising can be linked to a specific route or stops, to provide relevant content to the passengers en route.