TN on Android

TN –Ticket Node is the FARA vehicle ticketing application used by many of our customers in the Nordics. Originally running on Linux tablets, it is now available on Android.

When replacing the driver terminal with a new Android tablet, you will be able to continue to enjoy using the:

  • FLV+
  • Ticket printer
  • EMV terminal

The good news is that there is no need to upgrade the back office with seamless integration with the new tablet. Combined with the FARA SmartHUB – this is a solution for the future. It provides better communication and GPS precision, and enables vehicle monitoring which connects the SmartHUB to the vehicle CAN FMS.

Less Investment

Using existing hardware means less investment to get up TN Node up and running.

Increased System Lifespan

The driver terminal can be replaced with new Android tablet without affecting the rest of the system.

New Functionality

TN on Android together with the SmartHUB enables new functionality and features in the vehicle.