Connection Assurance

In a modern public transport network, synchronising services at transfer sites is critical for enabling passengers to onboard different services with ease. With FARA Connection Assurance, operators can determine whether a service should hold and wait for a connection, or to break the connection and reduce its own delay.

Real time information is used to predict a connection which is about to be broken and can inform the decision to have one vehicle wait for another to maintain connection between lines. This therefore reduces disruption to services, passenger journeys and overall fleet management.

When a vehicle is running late and Connection Assurance is activated, the system automatically sends a request for the relevant driver to wait for the delayed vehicle. The driver of the waiting vehicle is kept informed about the remaining time to wait for the other vehicle.

Connection Assurance can also operate with additional modes of transport, such as trains.

Driver Updates

When a vehicle is running late, the system automatically sends a request to the relevant driver to wait for the delayed vehicle, plus predicted wait time.

Reduced Delays

Using Connection Assurance in a network can significantly reduce delays.

Increased Passenger Satisfaction

Connection Assurance is crucial for enabling passengers to make their connections, and ensuring busses are held no longer than necessary for on board passengers.

Passenger Information

If a connection is broken, passengers can be informed and alternative transfers can be presented.

Reduced Cost on Travel Insurance

Securing connections reduces the cost on travel insurance.

Integrates with External Systems

Connection Assurance can integrate with external modes of transport not covered by the offered solution, for example trains.