Active Traffic Control

Active Traffic Control (ATC) is the FARA solution for Fleet and Traffic Management live monitoring, dispatching and driver/vehicle control, as well as providing statistics and reports.

The ATC provides a web based user interface and using Real Time Information, enables traffic controllers to monitor live traffic levels. The ATC interface includes over 40 different modules and views, for greater insight and visibility whilst monitoring traffic.


Active Traffic Control functionalities include:

  • Monitoring vehicle states, progress, and deviations. Traffic Controllers are notified within the Task View if a journey has not started on time, or if it is running later than a defined limit and is likely to not make the next planned journey.
  • Monitoring signage systems state and content
  • Creating Real Time Information on traffic levels, using Public Messages with extensive filters
  • Updating planned schedules using Dynamic Schedule Planner
  • Defining and receiving alerts for monitored incidents


With ATC, Traffic Controllers have greater insight, enabling faster decision making and fleet management solutions. If Traffic Controllers can see a journey has not yet started, different resource such as another vehicle can be allocated to that route. If a vehicle assigned to a journey block is taken out of service, in the event of a breakdown for example, the system has an easy overview of the journeys assigned to the vehicle that will be affected and need reallocation.

Real Time Tracking & Prognosis

The active status of all vehicles and their journey performance is visualised in real time digital maps.

Enhanced Decision Making

With greater insight, Traffic Controllers can make faster and better informed decisions.

Flexible Views

The ATC includes different views to present live information on vehicles, lines, journeys, maps and other information.


The language of the user interface can be configured. Languages include English, Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, Finnish, Spanish, Polish amongst others.

User Profiles

Upon signing into ATC, the user has access to the information and services according to their profile and access level.