Driver Voice Communication (VoIP)

FARA can also offer integrated Driver Voice Communication, otherwise known as Voice over Internet (VoIP#) as part of the RTI solution.

With our Driver Voice Communication, calls can be made between the depots and vehicles, as well as between the traffic information centre and vehicles via the ATC interface. Drivers can make calls to predefined roles/recipients via the driver’s user interface.

To protect the Traffic Controller from too many incoming calls, drivers cannot call directly, but instead can request to be called. The requests are displayed as tasks and notifications on in the ATC, making them accessible to the Traffic Controllers.

Traffic Controllers can call a single vehicle or a group of vehicles, while at the same time select different characteristics of the call:

  • Have the other end mute (useful for group calls)
  • Have the call picked up automatically (not allowing the driver to reject or ignore the call)

User Interface

When a call is received, a visible and audible signal is indicated in the driver’s user interface. The caller’s name is also presented.

Phone Book

An easily manageable phone book is distributed to vehicles, allowing drivers can make calls to predefined roles/recipients via the driver’s user interface.

Flexible Integration

The system can integrate to existing Microphone and Speaker, alternatively the driver could se the tablet audio or a wireless headset connected to the driver console.

Direct or Group Call

Active Traffic Control it is possible to make a voice call to a vehicle or multiple vehicles (group call). Grouping of vehicles can be based on Line, Service, Operating Status, Driver, Destination, Stop(s), Delays etc. Multiple independent vehicles can also be selected for a group call.