Customer Service Application

The Customer Service Application is a powerful tool within the FARA portal, which enables personnel to efficiently manage and resolve customer enquiries. 

These enquiries can come via the My Pages app, or can be created when handling an enquiry over the phone. Using this tool, personnel can see the status of all customer accounts created in the ticketing system and can perform the majority of actions on behalf of the customer,  that they would be able to do in the My Pages app. 

This application contains all the functionality required for an intuitive, user friendly customer support service. Available functionality is based on the role(s) assigned to the user who is logged in.

Dashboard Menu

Users have a clear overview of assigned enquires, plus search functionality for access to specific tickets, fare media and customer enquiries (accounts).

Customer Menu

Administration of existing accounts and creating new accounts can be done in the Customer Menu. 

Enquiries Menu

A list of all enquiries received from the customers, as well as the ability to create new enquiries.