Driver Ticketing

The Driver Ticketing application provides a user interface which enables sales of paper and customer account tickets (optional) and ticket validation. To reduce risk of connectivity downtime, offline ticket sales are also supported.

The Driver Ticketing application is connected to devices onboard such as printers, validators and payment terminals, as well as with the back-end via the SmartHUB.


Main functionalities provided include:

  • Ticket sales
  • Cancellation of sold tickets
  • Loading funds onto the customer account
  • Single sign on for multiple devices
  • Ticket validation for the driver
  • Lock application (during driver breaks)


The Driver Ticketing application allows multiple payment modes, such as:

  • Account Based Ticketing (ABT)
  • Payment through the customer account (purse) using their ID
  • cEMV payment (requires integration with a payment terminal)
  • Cash
  • Vouchers


Multiple Payment Modes

A variety of payment methods are accepted.

Ticket Validation

Validation can be monitored on all connected devices, providing clarity on fares types and unaccepted tickets.

Validation Only

A simplified version of the application is available for operators that do not want to sell tickets on board, but require an overview of the ongoing validations.

Android Tablet

The driver Ticketing application runs on the Android tablet and provides the user interface for the driver.

Single Sign On

Access is enabled via Single Sign-on with the Real Time Onboard (RTO) application, removing the need to log into multiple devices or applications.