FARA’s Infotainment Solution displays allow dynamic passenger information to be represented on full and dual screens, or as sliding text. Screens are configurable to provide detailed representation of routes, journeys and locations, i.e. detailed full-screen transit options prior to arrival at multimodal stop etc.

Highlights include:

  • Real time updates for arrivals, departures, delay and information – including time lines, destination, current & next stop(s), zone and speed.
  • Fresh news, weather, infomercials and traffic Information
  • Connection Assurance and connecting lines including predicted times (based on template)

Infotainment Content Management

Enables the user to upload media files and create playlist for display at On-Board TFT screens and At-Street displays.

Geographic Based Content

Only play content between certain stops, on specific lines.

Infotainment Player

Supports a multitude of image, video and web formats.

Event-Based Updates

Automatically switches content based on events like Pre-Arrival, Arrival, Arrival-Stopped, Departure and between stops.

Flexible Screen Layout

Configurable to your requirements.