Public Messages

FARA’s Public Messages Solution provides configurable public messages and emergency information to en route passengers, or those at public transport stops. These messages can be generic, tailored, or include emergency information announcements.

Drivers have the freedom to choose between existing message templates, or to create their own. Original messages can then be saved as a template for future use.

The traffic controller can create messages manually or send messages created automatically by the system. For example, if the controller cancels a stop using the dynamic schedule planner, the system will create a message to all lines passing thorough this stop to provide this information to the bus driver and passengers.

The system enables to easily target the messages to specific audience and time by defining filters based on lines, vehicles, stops, time of day etc.

Message Templates & Free Text

Message templates and free text messages can be communicated.

Multiple Sources

Public messages can be created both by ATC users and from 3rd party services like SIRI SX.

Channel Dependent Content

An at-street display it is only relevant to write a short text and a validity period, while a channel like web would require a header, body text and optional picture.

Configurable Priority

Message validity and priority can easily be configured.

Content Management

Messages can be created in draft, ready for review and published states as well as being deleted.