WEB Live Departures

The passenger solution for WEB and smart phones is based on WEB Live Departures. It is comprised of an adaptive website accessible on PC, tablet and mobile phones. The web-site automatically adjust its content and layout to the display size of the device accessing it. This ensures a great user experience for the people using the service.

WEB Live Departures offers quick and easy access to the service without requiring users to authenticate themselves. It remembers previous choices (e.g. Line or Station) for the most convenient experience for frequent users. The layout, colors and fonts are maintained in style sheet files and can be tailored for the right look and feel.

Pages are adaptive and accessible on PC, Tablet and mobile phone. Content adjusts to screen size, with pinch-map zoom on touch screen devices, and mouse-hover information on desktop.

Previous searches and information is also remembered via cookies for a more seamless user experience.

Continuous Updates

High Frequency Position Services updates are done approximately every 2 seconds for every passenger.

Flexible Search

Search based on Line, Stop, Street, Actual Position and Point of interest and displays Next Bus as Departure Board and Map (OpenStreetMap). It remembers you via cookies, so you don’t have to key in the information again.

Responsive Web Design

Responsive on PC, Tablet and mobile.

Public Displays

This solution is used on indoor screens, shopping centers, office locations and kiosks. It is configured using an URL with details on stops (e.g. bus stops), areas and relevant layout parameters (like sizes, branded visual look).

Platform Independent

The solution is based on HTML 5 and is not platform dependent.