Internal Displays

Internal displays and signs are automatically controlled by the driver console and can be configured to present various information either online or offline to passengers, if a valid driving schedule is available.

Information provided can include line, destination and time spent at a bus stop whilst the bus is there. The next stop’s information can also be configured, and presented at different tracking events, such as departure, pre-arrival and others.

For stops with boarding / alighting restrictions, internal displays can either be suppressed, or additional text such as ‘no alighting’ can be shown.

Connection Assurance for on board passengers can be achieved by presenting corresponding bus lines from the next stop, or at the stop for the inner signs/screens. This can be combined with the same information announced via the voice announcement.

FARA’s internal displays allow dynamic passenger information represented either on full screen, dual screen or sliding text. Screens are configurable to provide detailed representation depending on route, journey or location, i.e. detailed full-screen transit options prior to arrival at multimodal stop etc.

Real Time Updates

For arrivals, departures, delays. Updates are also provided on time, lines, destination, current stop, next stop(s), zone and speed.

Customisable Screen Layout

The internal display screen can be split into multiple sections to clearly show travel information, Infotainment, public messages, news and weather.

Offline Capability

Required content is updated and synchronised with the central system and is stored locally in each bus in case of communication issues.