Account Based Ticketing (ABT)

Account Based Ticketing (ABT) is next generation ticketing. ABT is defined as transit fare-collection system architecture, where ticketless travel is enabled via a back office which applies relevant business rules, determines the fare and handles the payment. ​

​With Account Based Ticketing, passengers can travel using a pre-paid ticket on their phones, or by scanning or tapping in with a secure token (a fare media with a unique identifier). These are linked to individual accounts and are authenticated for travel in the back-office.​

With pre-funded ABT accounts, passengers can choose to pay either before, during or after travel. If paying after, fare amounts are calculated on numerous factors, such as number of journeys and distance travelled within a specific time frame. This is then automatically deducted from their account, making longer or connecting journeys far easier for passengers to make.

ENTUR Integration

FARA’s ABT solution is fully integrated with the Norwegian standard Entur’s APIs.

​BoB Standard Integration

FARA’s ABT solution is also compatible with the Swedish Biljett –och Betalstandard (BoB) standard, with a complete Account Based Ticketing system.

Flexible Fare Media

Smartphones, smart watches, tags, jewellery and travel cards can all be used as ticket media.

Pre-purchased Tickets

Passengers can purchase a ticket stored on their accounts, prior to travelling.

Pay As You Go

The passenger purchases either a self-service ticket or one from the driver when boarding the bus. Ticket payment can be made before or after travel, using a payment method on the customer account.

Pay As You Go with Fare Capping

The passenger taps in when on-boarding. The fare is determined in the back-end based on the number of tap-ins within a time frame, with capping rules and best price models applied to the fare.