Passenger Counting & Capacity Management

Passenger counting is a critical tool for on-board safety and fleet management. The tool provides quick insights on the number of passengers per vehicle, helping to operators to optimize their bus operations as well as ensuring passenger and driver safety. 

The data collection is done in the vehicle using counting sensors in each door. The counting sensors have two stereoscopic cameras which provide a counting balance accuracy of more than 95% (depending on the selected model of the APC sensor).

The solution live counts passengers within vehicles with sensors in up to 4 doors, and can distinguish between children, adults, and bikes

Real time monitoring

Driver can see how any passengers there are in the vehicle in relation to the capacity. The Traffic Controller can see the occupancy in each of the vehicles, and even how many people boarded or alighted in each stop of any journey.

Capacity management

FARA’s Passenger Counting system enables to understand passenger flow with vastly improved precision as the data provides an overview on passenger travel behavior per stop, allowing improvements in efficiency in fleet management. 

On-board safety

The live capacity management is crucial now and post Covid ensuring that operators are notified when the maximum of passengers is exceeded. The maximum number of passengers can be defined per vehicle type​, and the operator’s safety protocols. 

Passenger flow

The FARA solution allows you to easily identify your vehicles and know exactly how they are being utilized.