Travel planner and ticketing in one app

Møre og Romsdal’s previous ticketing app was only available for parts of the municipality, while the travel planner was only available through a website. These two functions have now been brought together in one mobile app for the whole municipality, so that passengers can easily find the best route, see its departures and delays, and then buy the right ticket. Based on the chosen route, the ticket type and price is calculated automatically. The app will be made available to passengers during the spring of 2017.
“Having route planning, real-time information and ticketing in the same app makes travelling a lot easier for passengers in Møre og Romsdal. They can now easily find the best route and get the right ticket, without switching back-and-forth between several applications and platforms”, says Ørjan Kirkefjord, CEO of FARA.The ticketing solution is part of FARA’s SMART:myTravel product series. The product series has several solutions for planning, real-time information and ticketing. The products can either be delivered as an integrated solution, or as separate solutions that can easily be integrated with existing software and hardware.

“It is incredibly exciting to be part of developing a product that does not yet exist in the Norwegian market. Our goal in FARA is to get more people to choose public transportation, and Møre og Romsdal has definitely taken a step in the right direction. The solution is scalable and ready to be integrated and included in more municipalities as well”, says Kirkefjord.