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FARA has delivered 32 Ticket Vending Machines for outdoor use. The TVMs are an essential part of Trondheim`s new bus system.

Ticket Vending Machine - Ticketing
Ticket Vending Machine

FARA has delivered 32 Ticket Vending Machines to AtB for outdoor use. The TVMs are an essential part of Trondheim’s new AtB Metrobus system.

The Ticket Vending Machine (TVM) is a standalone unit that allows passengers to buy tickets on the platform prior to entering the bus, thus reducing the time busses stand at bus stops. Both single- and 24-hour tickets are available for various passenger categories.

Payment can be made with coins or cards, and cards can be read either contactless or by slot insertion. With a 4G router and power supply, the TVM is connected to the Backoffice via cellular connection, and has only one physical connector interface to supply the unit with power (230V), making the installation very fast and simple.

The TVM is designed for an outdoor environment and can withstand rough physical and weather conditions. The enclosure is made of stainless steel and painted with anti-graffiti paint.

Ticket Vending Machines are designed for mounting on a pillar for convenient use in accordance with accessibility regulations. The TVMs also allow for mounting of a platform Validator.

The Ticket purchase is performed trough a touch screen, enabling user interaction. The user interface and stickers are available in both English and Norwegian. Braille indicators are also mounted on the TVM.