The Future of Ticketing

When we started working on the new app for Sydlänen in Sweden, we also started to develop an upgrade to both our ticketing back-end and the ticketing application in vehicles.

New ticketing applications, such as the smartphone app, sales office (POS) and ticket machine will be oriented towards the new back-end system we develop in this project.

In both Sweden and Norway there are impending national ticketing solutions: BoBcat and Entur, respectively. They allow tomorrow’s ticketing systems to distinguish between sales applications and their associated administrative back-end systems, on the one hand, and cloud-based data sources and service-based interfaces for sales and validation on the other. This ensures more interoperability and wider distribution of collective travel products.

FARA takes a positive view of this development, and work on new solutions has started. In the future we will host discussion meetings with our customers to ensure that what we address are the needs that our customers identify.