Sydlänen Kundapp

In 2018, FARA won a large contract to deliver a smartphone app with a new sales solution to four counties in southern Sweden: Halland, Jönköping, Kronoberg and Kalmar. In addition to the app, we will provide a complete back-end that is integrated with BoBcat.

Each of the four customers will have their own version of the app. It will display each county’s own design, yet will allow ticket purchases across all four counties. In addition to offering single and period ticket purchase, the app provides passengers with real-time information and a complete travel planner that includes booking on-call transportation.

After these basic functions have been launched, our work will continue with a number of exciting features for the app, including account-based travel products.

The methodology FARA uses is design-driven innovation, which involves many iterations with the customer, and where the end-user is central to the development of the product.