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FARA CEO Solveig Ellila Kristiansen

Solveig Kristiansen

FARA is delighted to announce the appointment of Solveig Ellila Kristiansen as the new CEO of FARA. The announcement comes shortly after FARA was acquired in December 2019 by Ticketer, the UK’s leading ticketing system supplier.

Solveig Ellila Kristiansen comes with a unique blend of engineering expertise and commercial experience. Prior to joining FARA, she held a number of senior roles in various international IT companies, including the Managing Director of Dell Norway and Iceland.

– I am excited to be part of the company, FARA has a strong track record for making public transport easy. With increasing environmental challenges, public transport is becoming an increasingly important solution. In addition, passenger expectations are rising in line with demand for real-time information and account-based ticketing. Public transport will be more digital to make the journey easy, says Kristiansen.

– FARA has a long history of developing and implementing innovative solutions to complex ticketing systems. Having worked closely with the Norwegian counties for many years, FARA is now going through a transformation where we expand the breadth of our product. Our market portfolio is also expanding and we are now developing smart solutions for Sweden, Iceland and Spain as well.

– We are pleased that Solveig has joined the FARA / Ticketer family for the next step in our growth. She has had a very impressive career where she has shown that she has all the technical and commercial expertise needed to succeed in the role. For us, it was also important that she clearly shares FARA and Ticketer’s values of putting the team and the customer at the center of everything we do. These are very exciting times for FARA and Ticketer, says John Clarfelt, Ticketer’s CEO.

Ørjan Kirkefjord, FARA’s former CEO, continues as VP Nordic Sales.
– Ørjan Kirkefjord has a new role in FARA, with a focus on driving sales, innovation and customer satisfaction in the Nordic region. FARA and Ticketer are grateful for the job Ørjan has done as CEO where he succeeded in making FARA an industry leading company in the region, before he also managed FARA’s transition to the Ticketer family, says Clarfelt.