New RTI system for public transport in Trøndelag, Norway

In phase one, the contract encompasses vehicles, bus and tram stops, and stations in the city of Trondheim. The contract includes the option to extend the system to the rest of the county, which would include ferries and express boats.

The RTI solution will provide public transport passengers with exact information about arrival and departure times, displayed on screens in bus and tram stops and on board the vehicles, as well as announced with on-board PA systems. In addition, the vehicles will be equipped with new driver terminals which are integrated with audio-visual solutions and passenger counting. The solution follows the new industry standard ITxPT, and the project is one of the first of its kind with this standard in Norway.

– ITxPT stands for Information Technology for Public Transport and is a European standard. It enables new solutions to easily integrate with existing hardware, and allows separate systems to communicate seamlessly, says FARA’s CEO, Ørjan Kirkefjord.

In addition to the integrated RTI solution, FARA will deliver a traffic light control system giving active green light priority to buses and trams.

– It is important for us to offer our customers correct and useful information. We will involve our users as much as possible before implementation to adjust the system to their needs, says Janne Sollie, CEO of AtB.

– Our goal in FARA is to make public transport easy. Through our RTI solutions we hope to make it easier for travellers to choose public transport. We are very happy and proud to deliver this solution to the city of Trondheim, which is also our hometown, says Kirkefjord.

The new RTI system will be implemented in conjunction with the new public transport service in Trøndelag county from August 2019. FARA has delivered IT solutions for public transport in Trøndelag since 2008.

This story was also shared in the Norwegian newspaper Adresseavisen (in Norwegian).