New functionalities

Read about our recent updates to our products and services.
We have developed a new web shop (SMART:myOperation webshop) with an improved user interface to make it easier to navigate and purchase tickets. Web shop is a cloud based solution and our new administrative application makes it easy for PTAs to administer web shop users.With the SMART:myTravel Mobile app users can now buy group tickets with individual specifications, time- and campaign differentiated prices. Webpages can also be integrated in the information section of the app and period tickets can be transferred in case of a lost or stolen phone.New functionalities on SMART:myOperation allow passengers to be compensated for wrong tickets or complaints, either by receiving a new ticket or by funds being transferred directly to their travel card.

With SMART:myDrive T2 Hot Swap, the on-board T2 unit can easily be transferred between buses as the GSM number and IP address is automatically synchronized.

New updates to SMART:myTravel allow messages to be sent across the entire system so that they are visible real-time on the web or at selected bus stops.

SMART:myTravel webshop

The SMART:myTravel webshop enables passengers to buy tickets, update travel cards and manage their travel information from any device. New functionalities include:

  • An easier user interface making it easier to navigate.
  • The webshop now shows the right ticket options for every passenger based on his or her needs.
  • New features allowing the PTAs to easier administer the webshop users.
  • The webshop is now in the cloud making it easier and faster to install updates. The secure cloud solutions also make the webshop ready for the future.

SMART:myTravel Mobile app

New functionalities in the SMART:myTravel Mobile app include group tickets, calendar synchronization, transfer of period tickets, time differentiated prices and integrated web pages.

  • Groups can now easily buy tickets together with individual specifications such as discounted rates.
  • The app can also be synchronized with a calendar to plan releases of promotional tickets, time-specific discounts and more.
  • In case of a lost or stolen phone, period tickets can now be transferred to the new phone.
  • The price of single tickets may vary based on date and time.
  • Webpages can now be integrated into the information section on the mobile app.

SMART:myOperation compensations

Compensations are now part of the SMART:myOperation webshop. Passengers can be reimbursed for complaints or wrong ticket purchases, either by receiving a new valid ticket or by transferring funds directly to the passenger’s travel card.

SMART:myDrive T2 Hot Swap

Now the on-board T2 device can easily be transferred between buses. Hot swapping ensures that the GSM number and IP address is automatically updated when the device is relocated.

SMART:myTravel web and BDU

New functionalities enable PTAs to send specific or system wide messages. Direct messages can also be sent to specific bus stops to improve geo-specific information real-time improving the passengers’ journey. The bus data unit can also send keyfob and voice announcements.

For more information about FARA’s latest updates, please contact:
Stig Rønning
+47 959 82 420
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Product news

FARA’s product strategy is SMART. In practice this means that FARA develops new SMART products that are integrated with existing solutions (FTS and RTI). At the same time, the goal is that SMART should be a standalone platform that can be delivered completely independent of existing solutions.

  • Our SMART solutions are already implemented as a complete and independent solution in
  • BRAKAR: Sale of mobile tickets
  • Oulu: Includes real-time information for drivers (Android tablet), traffic prioritization, and real-time information for passengers (bus stops, web and mobile)
  • In addition, our SMART solutions are currently under development for other projects as well.

FARA is also initiating a project that aims to develop and test the functions associated with account based ticketing. Passengers’ mobiles or travel cards have a unique identifier that is linked to their account. The project aims to test various carriers of identifiers and associated functionality. A passenger’s account will contain tickets, values and payment agreements that give the passenger the right to a transport service or to make a payment for a trip.
Future Product Development

  • SMART:myDrive is the On-Board solution for drivers and for controlling real-time information provided to vehicles’ passengers. SMART:myDrive will come in different models and variations.
  • SMART:myDrive Mobile Handheld BP50, a model designed for handheld ticketing and validation and it ensures quick ticket sales and easy validation – even in harsh conditions, is being delivered to customers in Norway and Sweden.
  • SMART:myDrive On-Board Light is a model designated for smaller transport vehicles
  • SMART:myDrive Mobile On-Board is the cost-efficient on-board kit for both real-time passenger information for drivers and passengers as well as mobile and smartcard ticket validation.
  • SMART:myDrive VPC is the multi-purpose and special applications on-board platform computers for dedicated real-time and ticketing applications. Provides superior performance and an extensive feature set. Available as VehiclePC’s or TabletPC’s
  • Looking ahead we are focusing on developing a new, common user interface for ticketing and real-time information.

SMART:myTravel is passengers’ best friend for buying tickets and getting real-time updates. Looking ahead we are developing how passengers can easily choose bus stops either on the web or mobile app to see where their bus is on a map. A lot is happening in the world of mobile payment solutions. Companies that previously had nothing to do with the market have now entered into the payment market and become serious competitors to the establishment. Norway has always been digitally advanced and early adopters of new technology. Vipps in Norway for example is testimony to the fact that with the right implemntation of the right systems, all of the new payment solutions can be used to buy tickets for public transportation as well. Looking ahead we are looking at new payment solutions and how these can be integrated with existing solutions.

SMART:myOperation is Operators’, managers’ and administrators’ indispensable tool to manage, monitor and report on a fleet of vehicles, as well as all ticket sales, in real-time. Looking ahead we will focus on SMART:myOperation Mobile POS – a mobile sales office in a tablet that makes it easier to sell tickets. An app on a device, Mobile POS helps PTAs easily set up new point of sale. They can use Android’s NFC to easily sell tickets to travel cards, read travel card content and print paper tickets and receipts. The Mobile POS is a full service point of sale in a tablet that can be used anywhere where there is an Internet connection. Looking ahead we will also implement solutions providing monitoring and controlling the operational status of the system.

SMART:myCloud All the services for sales, real-time prognosis, data collecting and reporting.