FARAs validator FLV+ being used at the xviii Congreso Español in Madrid

At ITS’ conference xviii congreso espanol in Madrid from 17th – 19th of April, FARA supplied the FLV+ as a way of validating entrance. All participates at the conference were supplied with a smartcard to validate their entrance, or could register their current travelcard.

For the occasion the validators had been equipped with extra features to show the name of the entrant on the screen. Three different outcomes were displayed on the screen when scanning the card: OK, Unknown card or card already used for entrance.

In addition, the validators had been installed with sounds when cards were scanned. The famous comedian Chiquito de la Calzada spoke at random five different lines/sounds for each of the possible outcomes.

“Honoring the late comedian was a nice touch to the conference and participants seemed to enjoy it. We are proud to have supplied the validators and to have demonstrated the extended areas of use for validators normally used on buses” says Antonio Jimenez Martinez, Business Development.

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