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Ticket validation with the FARA Platform Validator. Deployed in the new bus system in Trondheim.

Ticket Validation - Next Generation Ticketing
Platform Validator in Trondheim AtB

FARA is proud to announce the  recent deployment of our new product, FARA platform validator,  a standalone validation unit for outdoor use. 

The Platform validator is a standalone unit composed of FARA’S stateoftheart FLV+ validator technology combined with 4G router and power supply in a hardened enclosure. Iis connected to the Backoffice via cellular connection and has only one physical connector interface to supply the unit with power (230V). making the installation very fast and simple 

The platform validator is designed for outdoor environment and can withstand rough physical and weather condition. The enclosure is made of solid rigid polymer and painted with anti-graffiti varnish.  

Platform validators are designed for mounting on a pillar for convenient use in accordance with accessibility regulations.  

The platform validator includes a touch screen enabling user interaction and clear visual and audible feedback on successful/failed validation. 

FARA has deployed the platform validator in 140 bus stops for AtB in Trondheim, Norway. This as part of the new Metro bus system in Trondheim.