FARA Announces New Partnership with E3 Innovations

E3 Innovations logo

FARA announces new partnership with E3 Innovations, offering tyre and road monitoring in a much smarter way.

E3 Innovations, the leading solution for the management of road and vehicle conditions, and FARA are bringing a brand new vehicle and road monitoring solution to market for public transport bus operators. Strengthening FARA’s current Fleet Management and Real Time Information (RTI) offering, the new solution gives operators the opportunity to add state of the art monitoring to their operations.

As an add-on to the FARA on-vehicle solution, the E3 Innovations ‘E3 Sense’ software can map and report Real Time Information on road and tyre conditions. Important information such as tyre condition, pothole detection, slippery roads and road hazards like debris or icy conditions are identified for back-office monitoring and operational fleet management.

Notification of tyre pressures, wear and imbalances can help avoid incidents like tyre blow outs and can eliminate mechanical issues caused by high vibration levels in the bus due to low tyre pressure. Pothole mapping along the route enables the operator to have a clear oversight of road conditions across their network, avoiding potential vehicle damage and delays. The software solution will also automatically alert the operator when to change from summer and winter tyres.

With this new partnership, FARA can offer its customers E3 Innovations’ ground-breaking technology, utilising the existing FARA hardware and software solution, thus supporting operators reduce their running costs and improve fleet safety.

Kimmo Erkkilä, CEO at E3 Innovations says:
”We mark the cooperation as an important milestone for our start-up company. Having the opportunity to collaborate with FARA enables us to reach the Nordic market much more efficiently than we could with our own resources.”

Josef SalpeterJosef Salpeter, General Manager at FARA, comments:
”We are excited to announce our partnership with E3 Innovations, bringing to market new and innovative insights to help operators improve their fleet management and offer a more reliable service for passengers. The new software solution compliments and strengthens our existing RTI offering and is part of FARA’s ongoing efforts to help bring operational savings and better efficiencies to our customers.”