FARA and Strætó Partnership sees the Launch of a Brand New Account-Based Ticketing System


FARA is delighted to announce the launch of a new Account-Based Ticketing (ABT) system in Reykjavik, in partnership with local public transport operator and authority, Strætó.


Strætó Officially launching this week, is a brand-new ABT system, offering new contactless payment alternatives across all Strætó’s bus fleet. The new payment solutions will bring great advantages to drivers, ensuring accuracy and more speedy boarding, and will also give passengers added benefits of a wider selection of contactless payments methods, alongside more accurate fares.

FARA is supplying the new electronic ticketing system to Strætó, which includes software, hardware, hosting and other associated services. The new system is fully contacless and a complete ITxPT set-up is also part of the delivery. A new sales platform, ticketing back-office system, customer service and reporting tools are also some of the systems implemented.

Customers who previoulsy used the Strætó app to buy new tickets or bus passes, are going to be directed to the new ticketing app named KLAPP. Passengers will now have new ways for validating and paying for their tickets through contactless payments via the following three methods:

  1. KLAPP card – smart cards that can be placed on a scanner on board the bus when paying the fare. KLAPP cards can be bought at straeto.is and at all main Strætó vendors in Reykjavik. The card can also be topped up on My Pages.
  2. KLAPP app – for individual or season tickets using the app on passenger smartphones (downloadable on the App Store and Google Play). 
  3. KLAPP ten (KLAPP tía) – a pass consisting of 10 tickets, which includes a QR code to be scanned on board the bus. The scanner will show how many trips are left on the card. The KLAPP ten can be bought from all main Strætó vendors in Reykjavik and at straeto.is. 

Along with the introduction of the KLAPP ticketing system changes, there will also be a change to the ticket price structure, aiming to simplify and enable a more favourable fare. Existing methods of payment will still be accepted throughout a transition period. 

Jóhannes S. Rúnarsson, CEO at Strætó comments: We are very proud of our new Account-Based Ticketing (ABT) system and are grateful for our good partnership with FARA. This launch marks the first step towards a more modern public transport offering in Iceland and we look forward to taking the next steps with our partners at FARA. 


Petter Sveen - FARAPetter Sveen, VP Commercial at FARA says: “We have been fortunate to work with such a valuable customer like Strætó on an important ABT project like this. Both industry best practices as well as high quality standards throughout the delivery are combined, bringing to life a world-class and seamless ticketing experience, both for passengers and for the operator at the back end. We are truly excited for the next phase of this great implementation. 

The ABT implementation is only the first step in the collaboration between FARA and Strætó. Next year, several further features will be added, namely the ‘BestPrice’ concept and contactless bank card payments.