SIRI- The power of Real-Time Information

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FARA Real-Time Information systems integrate with the European protocol SIRI, which enables distributed computers to exchange real-time information about public transport services and vehicles. Complying with the specified SIRI protocol allows easy integration and interpretation of the data without the need for heavy software development.

FARA systems generate SIRI-SM (Stop Monitoring) information such as ETD/ETA of vehicles and delays; and SIRI-SX (Situation eXchange) information, allowing the creation of alternative routes and means of transport. Real-time information benefits all public transportation actors: passengers, drivers and traffic controllers via suited solutions, sometimes sharing the same flow of information.

Real-time Information is available for mobile applications, mobile applications, and webpages. Thanks to SIRI, passengers are notified of delays happening at other end of the city, and are provided with alternative routes.

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