Rethinking Real-Time and Ticketing

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FARA’s technology has been proven in 20 years of Ticketing and Real-Time work. Yet, as Product Manager Thomas Bach Petersen explains: “We believed it was important to make some existing features much more accessible and simple to use. We therefore embedded our technology in three new ‘SMART’ products, with a cloud of services to integrate them. In FARA terms, SMART is short for ‘Smart Mobile Applications for Real-time and Ticketing’. The goal is to help users make better, smarter and more informed decisions.

“We simplified the services for delivery and configuration, so any customer can easily start a pilot system with FARA SMART products – without expert knowledge or any need for public tendering.”

The costs for developing and implementing SMART products was substantially reduced by embracing new operating system platforms and distribution systems, as well as the latest cloud technology. This includes offering relevant applications on mobile operating systems like Android, iOS and Win Phone.


In its most basic form, SMART:myDrive runs a touch-based device for the driver. It scales from mobile phones to Android tablets and on up to dedicated PC-based Vehicle Application Platforms. SMART:myDrive delivers real-time passenger information, ticket sales and validation. It also handles infotainment, Wi-Fi, passenger counting, competitive ECO-driving, traffic priority, among others.


“You can start with a real-time on-board system on your mobile device and scale it to full-featured media platforms as needed.”

FARA has a product just for real-time tracking. It’s called ‘SMART:myDrive Tracker’ that provides real-time information to mobile phones, websites and at-street displays, using a simple M2M device without a screen (GPS + communication) on-board the vehicle.


SMART:myOperation offers control and monitoring solutions for management and traffic controllers, as well as passenger and sales services. The system provides planned schedules overlaid with    real-time operation that are displayed in intuitive web-based maps and tables. Its powerful reporting engine enables historical follow-up. SMART:myOperation also includes ticketing administration, mobile sales and inspection tools.


“The focus was changed from presenting all available information to only showing what is relevant – in graphs, maps and tables. We improved mobility by making live operational reports available anywhere, directly on users’ phones, tablets and desktop computers.”

The SMART:myTravel app can combine trip planning and ticket purchases with transfer alerts during the trip – all in one app. It is accessible on the web and as a dedicated, super-fast app for both Android and iOS, for our customers end-users. SMART:myTravel is also available for at-street displays in bus stops, terminals and passenger hotspots. It provides real-time updates, next departures and approaching buses displayed on maps, and can run as dedicated outdoor and indoor displays, as well as web-based portals suitable for any displays (e.g. lobby).

Thomas Bach Petersen is Product Manager and Specialist within Real-Time Information Solutions at FARA.