Public transportation is now made easier for passengers in Østfold

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1 July, Oslo – Østfold kollektivtrafikk has signed a contract with FARA AS to deliver a real-time information system in Østfold county. The deal includes an initial delivery of equipment for up to 105 buses and five ferries. In addition, 40 bus stops and docks will be fitted with screens that inform passengers about arrivals, departures and any delays or deviations in the service. A solution that actively prioritises buses in traffic light junctions is also included in the delivery. The agreement offers an opportunity for the expansion of bus- and ferry routes to other parts of Østfold.

“We want our customers to have correct and useful information about when a bus will actually arrive at the bus stop”, says Kjetil Gaulen, Marketing Manager in Østfold kollektivtrafikk. “Our goal is to make daily travel easier for customers by providing information about traffic delays that affect our schedule. We have chosen a supplier who we already know well through their delivery of the ticket system used in our county, and who we know has delivered modern, reliable information systems to other places in Norway”, he says. “We are very much looking forward to working with FARA on this project”.

“Real-time updates for departures, arrivals and delays, both at the bus stop and on the bus, make it easier to plan your journey”, says Ørjan Kirkefjord, CEO in FARA. “Public transportation is an important building block in the development of smarter cities. FARA’s technological solutions contribute to improving the customer experience and making public transportation a more desirable travel option. This is absolutely essential to Norway’s journey towards smarter and greener cities”.

FARA’s technological solutions have also been implemented in Oulu, Finland, where screens at 41 bus stops show detailed travel information for 140 buses. In addition, FARA’s technology sends updates to passenger smartphone apps and all relevant authorities every second, showing the geographical location of the busses, and also gives the buses traffic light priority for increased punctuality.