On-board travel information and real-time passenger counting pilot for passengers in Oulu

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As part of a pilot project, passengers in Oulu can now see travel information on board one of the buses, including real-time updates about their journey, exact location on maps, recent news stories and local updates.

The City of Oulu and the Norwegian company FARA have initiated a pilot project for on-board information and passenger counting on a local city bus. Since 2015, FARA has supplied their unique SMART:myDrive fleet management system to the region, reducing  average travel time and supporting an increase in use of public transport in Oulu. As part of the new pilot, FARA has delivered additional on-board infotainment displays and passenger counting sensors, using wireless interfaces and only little additional hardware.

”Today’s passengers expect accurate real-time information, including status updates about their journey while travelling. By combining the information the passengers need with the content they want, we have created a solution we hope will enhance the passengers’ travel experience”, says Ørjan Kirkefjord, CEO of FARA.

FARA’s pilot includes two on-board screens installed at the front and the middle of the bus, and passenger counting sensors over the doors. These sensors track entering and exiting passengers, providing the real-time passenger load profile of the bus to the control center.

The screens show the passengers targeted information based on the destination and bus location. This can include estimated arrival and transfer time at the various journey points, flight and train departures when on route to the airport or train station, exact location of the bus on a live map, recent news stories and local updates such as events and happenings. All content on the screens is controlled from the Oulu operations control center.

”At FARA we are always excited to contribute to new projects that will make travel easy. We have a longstanding relationship with the City of Oulu and have previously delivered real-time information screens with live maps at the bus stops. We hope passengers in Oulu will enjoy our new on-board solution as well”, says Kirkefjord.