Meet FARA Management

  • Elin Ander VP People, Process and Tools

    Elin moved to the management team after many very successful years as Sales Manager in Sweden. Elin is responsible to ensure that FARA both internally and externally performs at its best. Elin combines a valuable mixture of having in-depth knowledge of FARA products, the public Transport industry and FARA customer experience, with having an excellent set of people skills and a strong eye for strengthening processes and teams.
  • Jorun Dieserud CFO

    Jorun is responsible for financial planning, analysis, controlling and reporting. She also manages the financial risks of FARA. Jorun is based in the FARA Oslo office together with the FARA finance department.
  • Håkon Groven VP Development & Operations

    As VP Development & Operations, Håkon oversees the software development of FARA’s products and ensures that our customers are given the best possible service and support. Development and Operations has teams in Trondheim, Warsaw and Oulu.
  • Solveig Ellila Kristiansen CEO

    Solveig joined FARA in January 2020. Solveig marries a unique blend of engineering expertise and commercial experience, allied with a clear customer focus from a number of leading appointments in the Nordics. Solveig is responsible for the overall direction of the company, while achieving further growth.
  • Stig Rønning VP Products and Projects

    Stig has been part of FARA since the company's beginning. Today he is responsible for FARA’s product deliveries as well as for FARA`s project management.
  • Josef Salpeter VP Business Development

    As the VP Business Development, Josef works on positioning FARA internationally and building new verticals to leverage existing products, as well as competence in new business areas.
  • Reinert Sannerud QA Manager & Special Projects

    Reinert has many years of management experience from Norway and abroad before joining FARA in 2018. His main responsibility is to ensure that FARA operates in accordance with the ISO 9001:2015 requirements. Due to his broad experience he also serves as a support to the management team.
  • Petter Sveen VP Commercial

    Petter’s main focus is to further establish FARA as a preferred ITS partner in the Nordic markets. Petter has spent his career working with sales and digital transformation in various sectors and IT companies. He brings senior sales experience and a commercial and analytical mindset into the team.
  • Ticketer

    Since December 2019, FARA is part of the Ticketer Family. Ticketer is, by a significant margin, the UK`s most widely deployed ticketing systems supplier on buses across the UK.