The Ticketer Group

  • Andy Monshaw Group Chief Executive Officer

    Andy was appointed Group CEO for Ticketer and FARA, in November 2020. He has spent the last 37 years in a variety of roles with IBM, Private Equity and, most recently, as the CEO of NGA HR. Andy comes to us with a wealth of international experience with technology and service businesses; driving growth with a passion, energy, and an attitude that fits right into our Group culture.
  • Solveig Ellila Kristiansen Group Chief Commercial Officer

    Solveig joined FARA as CEO in 2020 and took on additional responsibilities as Ticketer Group CCO in July 2021. She marries a unique blend of engineering expertise and commercial experience, allied with a clear customer focus from a number of leading appointments in the Nordics. Solveig is responsible for the overall direction of the group's commercial operations, while achieving further growth.
  • Steve Chalker Group Chief Financial Officer

    Steve started as CFO with Ticketer Group in November 2021 and is responsible for all financial aspects of the Group. Steve qualified over 20 years ago and has worked within a large variety of sectors including Technology, Travel, Logistics, Utilities, FMCG and Business Services. He is based in the Northern Home Counties, where he lives with his wife, two teenage children and several cats. Outside of the usual socialising, music and family activities, he is passionate about Formula 1 and sailing.
  • Kelly Hanna Group Chief Operating Officer

    Kelly started as COO with Ticketer Group in June 2021 and is responsible for Operations Delivery across the business. Kelly has previously worked at Alight Solutions, a BPaaS company, where she drove efficiency, quality control and business improvement. She has also headed up Business Support, HR and Systems Development at North Yorkshire Council.
  • Bradley Todd Group Chief Product Officer

    Brad has been with Ticketer Group since 2012, and leads our Ticketer and FARA Product Teams as Group Chief Product Officer. Having previously worked as a developer and in software testing predominantly for vehicle-based products, he knows the technical details inside out, but is passionate about the personal touch when it comes to technology.
  • Tony Healey Ticketer Group CITO

    Tony Healy Group Chief Technology Innovation Officer

    Tony joined in June 2021 to provide overall technical vision and innovative technology for both FARA and Ticketer. He leads the Software Engineering, IT and DevOps, and Security teams and brings over 20 years of experience to his role. Tony has spent time in a range of industries including edutech, pharma and, most recently in automotive and silicon software as CIO at Mobica.
  • Michelle Cawley Group Chief People Officer

    Michelle has over 14 years’ experience in HR and now takes care of the Ticketer Group teams - from building talent pipelines and managing performance, to developing the Group’s most important asset, our people. Her favourite parts of her role are supporting the development and wellbeing of our colleagues and growing the teams - in fact, during her first 24 months at Ticketer, Michelle tripled the team to match our growth, and it doesn’t look like that’s slowing down.
  • Sally Whitson Group Chief Marketing Officer

    Sally leads the Ticketer and FARA marketing strategies, brand management and content creation. She has over 15 years’ marketing experience in tech and finance, working on global brands like Samsung Electronics and Barclays.
  • Richard Blackburn-Hughes Group Business Development Director

    Richard joined Ticketer Group in September 2021 and has responsibility for the Group’s strategic partnerships and acquisitions. He is part of Tenzing’s Sherpa programme, where commercial all-rounders are placed within portfolio companies to support Leadership Team growth projects.

Your FARA Team

  • Petter Sveen

    Petter Sveen VP Commercial

    Petter’s main focus is to further establish FARA as a preferred ITS partner in the Nordic markets. Petter has spent his career working with sales and digital transformation in various sectors and IT companies. He brings senior sales experience and a commercial and analytical mindset into the team.
  • Josef Salpeter VP Business Development

    As the VP Business Development, Josef works on positioning FARA internationally and building new verticals to leverage existing products, as well as competence in new business areas.
  • Thomas Bach Petersen VP Products, RTI

    Thomas is responsible for the Realtime Product Management teams. Thomas has been a part of FARA for many years and he has extended expertise on ITxPT and RTI systems. He has a deep customer understanding from delivering RTI systems throughout Europe. His focus is to ensure top-notch RTI deliveries and continue development of products focusing on great user experience.
  • Stig Rønning VP Products and Projects

    Stig Rønning VP Products and Projects

    Stig has been part of FARA since the company's beginning. Today he is responsible for FARA’s product deliveries as well as for FARA`s project management.
  • Reinert Sannerud QA Manager & Special Projects

    Reinert has many years of management experience from Norway and abroad before joining FARA in 2018. His main responsibility is to ensure that FARA operates in accordance with the ISO 9001:2015 requirements. Due to his broad experience he also serves as a support to the management team.