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Traffic management

Improved control and management in today’s busy and congested traffic environment will contribute to timetable stability and thereby increase confidence in public transportation. FARA Traffic Management also offers modern and reliable solutions for automatic allocation of vehicles within bus terminals.


Traffic Priority Management:

Vehicle Traffic Signal Preemption
Intelligent Roadside Traffic Light Controllers
Rule-based priority and multi-stretch priority support
Completely communication media independent
Open architecture for interfacing with 3rd party systems

Terminal Allocation:

Automatic vehicle gate allocation when entering terminal area
Intelligent use of detection sensors and vehicle tags
Information delivered directly to driver’s console
Customizable rules for gate allocation for each route
Daily vehicle allocation overview


Reduced travel time
Ensuring regularity
Cost savings
Improved service
Better use of resources
Fully automated allocation
Extends the capacity of existing bus stations

Utilize the power of FARA Traffic Management to increase timetable stability and reduce travel time and cost. Achieve more effective use of fleet and terminal area through Allocation System. Increase value by combining with FARA Fleet Management.

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