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FARA Ticketing handles complex fare structures, including zones, distance, time, border crossings and different means of transportation (e.g. bus-ferry combination). The architecture allows easy adaption of various local/national standards and smart card systems, including vehicle ticketing equipment, mobile applications, handheld ticketing machines, inspectors’ machines, ticket offices and a full-scale central administration system.


Products                                                                Main features
On-Board Ticketing                                                 Zonal based, distance based or combination
FARA Mobile Ticket                                                Multiple transport modes (bus-boat-bus)
Sales Office Ticketing                                             Advanced formula based pricing module
Ticketing Management System                              Flexible hardware support
System administration and configuration               GPRS used for communication with Central System
Data collecting and forwarding                               Flexible system deployment
Driver Settlement Administration
Operational data registration and activation
Usage data processing and storage


Flexible ticket medium                                              

  • Paper
  • Smart card
  • Near field communication (NFC)
  • QR code


Flexible payment means

  • Cash
  • Credit card
  • Voucher
  • Travel account
  • Purse
  • Phone bill
  • Invoice


Interfaces with existing internal systems

  • Financial systems
  • Accounting systems
  • Real-time information systems
  • Route planning tools
  • Data warehouse

Employ FARA Ticketing to simplify ticket management, handling and reporting. Integrate local standards and structures into one powerful ticketing solution anchored in a central administration system. Improve service and results by harvesting transport and passenger data analysis.

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