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SMART:myOperation includes a comprehensive set of features needed to manage and monitor a fleet of vehicles, as well as all ticket sales, in real-time. A powerful reporting engine ensures that historical operational data is always available in a few clicks.

There are many players that work together to ensure effective and well-managed public transport. This includes everything from the transit companies developing timetables, following up on delays, managing accounts and continually improving operations, to the operator’s management of fleet and personnel so that they are at the right place at the right time.

FARA has gathered critical business management tools in SMART:myOperation. This gives planners, traffic managers, inspectors, management, and those responsible for customer information the real-time information and reports that they need.

SMART:myOperation ensures optimal traffic flow. Both transit companies and public/private transport operators get relevant and updated information, so that reports and accounts are correct.

Ticketing operation:

SMART:myOperation is the operation center for monitoring and managing ticket sales. From here, the operator can plan ticket prices and campaigns, and monitor revenue from all sales channels.

SMART:myOperation also includes access for customer support personnel.

SMART:myOperation also provides sales & inspection tools used by free-moving sales personnel and ticket inspectors. The applications run on light-weight devices to ensure full mobility, while still maintaining control of the sales and inspection process. These devices can also be used to provide ticket sales and validation in vehicles where no dedicated hardware is installed.

Contactless tickets are validated automatically, and mobile QR-tickets can be scanned by a machine or visually validated by the driver. The ticket contains all relevant information such as ticket type, travel route, number and category of travelers, validity duration, price, and unique order reference. Mobile tickets also include a daily generated animation and a colored validity status bar.

FARA is now offering its inspection and sales ticketing application on a new device. The Handheld’s Nautiz X4 offers a complete set of productivity-enhancing capabilities, ensuring sale and inspection of travel tickets in all conditions.

Point of sales (POS) application for pads:

The PoS application enables sales offices, kiosks or other retailers to sell travel products. The application runs on Android tablets with NFC, and is integrated with FARA Sales Service, which handles all business logic, price calculation and delivery of the ticket. The application supports sale of tickets on paper (with QR if requested) and contactless cards.
The web-based ticket sales application allows for better control and reduced user errors compared to that of solutions running on local hardware.

Real-time operation:

Traffic managers use SMART:myOperation to monitor their operations from a bird’s- eye view, including traffic light priority and overall status of the fleet (all blocks, journeys, vehicles, presentation units etc.).

Whenever needed, they can also exchange messages with the individual drivers and publish service alerts or other information messages to passengers.

SMART:myOperation provides the following views related to fleet management where each view can show real-time or historical data and has multiple filters and columns selectable by the user:

  • System View - Shows status of all critical systems and operational messages
  • Vehicle View - Show status of all vehicles. The vehicle ref, line journey, delay, line etc
  • Display view - Shows status of all displays
  • Line Summary - Shows summary of the performance of all lines. Great for operational overview
  • Line View - Shows all stops and busses on a single line in a graphical view
  • Journey view - Shows all planned journeys with actual vehicle status for now or specific date
  • Journey details - Shows all stops on a single journey and the actual performance of vehicles
  • Map view - Shows buses live on maps. Open Street Maps are included as default
  • Public Message view - For managing and creation of public messages for passengers
  • Task & Message View - Shows interruptions, exceptions, messages and driver assault alarm
  • Reports - Shows reports like Compliance summary, Travel time, Time between points etc.

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