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SMART:myDrive is the solution for drivers, providing the driver with all relevant information on schedule performance, ticket sales and validation. SMART:myDrive also contains functionality for voice and text communication with the traffic controllers.

SMART:myDrive runs on Android tablets and phones designed for professional use in challenging environments. It requires no cables (except power) and connects to devices wirelessly. It controls passenger information for internal and external displays and voice announcements, and sends real-time information back to the cloud.

SMART:myDrive provides the following main features:

  • Driver sign-on and block/journey selection
  • Driver’s route map
  • Headway/tailway information
  • Disruption messages and driver mail
  • Journey tracking and tracking of traffic light priority request and cancel points
  • Display control & Infotainment
  • Voice announcement?
  • Voice over IP?
  • Ticket sales
  • Ticket validation
  • Ticket inspection
  • Driver Settlement

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Product news (pdf):


SMART:myDrive - FLV + New Validator

SMART:myDrive - T2 New Bus Computer

SMART:myDrive - Mobile Handheld BP50


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