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SMART:myCloud is a collection of services that provide functionality both for Real-Time Information and Ticketing. The services run on scalable virtual servers which allow for fast and cost-efficient roll-out. The cloud contains applications that support all the distributed functionality such as sales, validation, inspection, and real-time travel information.

FARA sales service:

FARA Sales Service is a cloud-based, stand-alone sales solution that provides ticketing-logic to sales channels. It can be used by the FARA Ticketing App for smartphones, ticket vending machines, point of sales, or any other channel that is online and able to communicate via the Sales Service API.

FARA Sales Service updates product parameters for all sales channels, adjusting price formulas and other factors. The sales service allows distribution of tickets on various media (paper, QR-code and customer cards), and offers a large range of payment options (credit/debit card, phone bill, prepaid-account and invoice).

FARA Sales Service is suitable for a variety of users: public transport authorities, public transport operators, private companies and schools.

Improve customer service with after-sales operations:

  • Ticket refunds
  • Monitor ticket transactions in Real-time
  • Search for single transactions

Optimize sales with cross-reports - offer the right products at the right price:

  • Sales per traveler category
  • Sales per payment means
  • Sales per channel

Private companies and schools:

The solution offered to private companies is based on a Charge-To-Account (CTA) system, with self-service administration of tickets for company employees. It can be based on either joint invoicing directly to the company or a prepaid account with automatic refill-reminders by email.

The school card administration answers the needs of schools. It includes issuing and blocking of cards. The travel ticket can also be issued on phones.

FARA validation service:

Traditional validation of travel products is performed on validators installed in the vehicles or on platforms. The validator acts as a slave, and is connected to a ticket node which handles all the business-logic. This arrangement has resulted in a high-speed validation process, but with some functional limitations.

By adding the Validation Service to the Cloud we enable more variations in HW setups and configurations. In combination with ID-based validation, where the travel product is no longer stored on the card, the functional expansions are limitless and also open up for cost reductions on hardware.

The validation speed still has to be fast and precise, without frequent lag-time from the online validation service – we have different ways of achieving this, depending on system requirements. Whitelisting each travel contract in all clients, or securing final payment with credit card or deposits, are some ways to keep the validation speed high even when using an online service.

FARA inspection service:

The inspection service uses an online service to control travel contracts and validity against the data stored centrally in the cloud. The inspection service also provides real-time inspection data to the SMART:myOperation – reporting and business intelligence.

FARA real-time information services:

  • Prediction logic that provides forecasts for all blocks/circulations and journeys, including estimated time of arrival and headway/tailway services
  • Real-time data exchange via open interfaces based on standardized services and protocols (e.g. SIRI and GTFS)
  • Traffic light priority services that receives priority requests from the vehicles and communicates with 3rd party priority systems or with the FARA Traffic Light Priority Controller
  • System administration, task management, asset management
  • Schedule import and distribution that supports a wide range of data formats (Regtopp, Rebus, FormatX, Inbus, GTFS, SIRI, Pubtrans ROI & DOI etc)
  • Content management system for at-street and on-board infotainment
  • Eco-driving with fuel consumption statistics
  • Dynamic terminal allocation for vehicles
  • Extensive set of reports and statistics

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