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Real-time information to the passenger


In a modern public transportation system, passengers expect easy access to accurate route and schedule information. FARA Passenger Information is a proven solution offering precise information to thousands of travelers every day. Our Real Time Passenger Information system offers a variety of options for infotainment and advertising, and allows display of information from multiple sources.


Passenger Information Management System        
Passenger Announcement System
On-Board Infotainment System
On-Board LED Display System
Bus Stop Infotainment
Retail Infotainment


Main features
Central control of all visible passenger information displays
Optimal solution for accurate real-time passenger information
User-friendly interface for managing the display
Traffic information and disturbance messaging adapting to each displays
Database containing all planned and predicted journeys at all stops



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Improved regularity and punctuality
Improved service and customer satisfaction
Cost savings / paid RTPI through partnership with commercial media partner
Integrates with Fleet Management systems for real-time status and prediction about vehicle progress
Running on standard display PC’s
Allowing multiple media presenters (LED, Web/TFT)

Implement FARA Passenger Information for user-friendly back-end control of all passenger information. Apply system to provide reliable travel information through various on- and off-board displays. Extend your commercial possibilities by implementing infotainment module.

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