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In an effort to increase the value for operators and passengers, FARA offers information based media content combined with entertainment, such as news, commercial ads and weather.
This is made possible with our Infotainment system in combination with our Real Time Passenger Information system allowing display of information combined with advertising from multiple sources.


Product                                                                 Main features
Hardware (Players and Screen)                            Show still pictures and video
On-Board Infotainment System                             Show Real-Time Passenger information
Content Management System                               Show weather and news
Infotainment Files Distributor                                 Upload media files
Infotainment media Files Manager                        Edit playlist and control channels
Infotainment Publisher                                           Detailed Air-Time reports
Infotainment Reports


infotainment worked


Real-Time travel information - compared to regular Digital signage
Add-on to existing Fleet Management or Ticketing System - One platform for cost effectiveness
Digital Signage - replace the paper boards with electronic information


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