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The Fleet Management & Operations system provides improved resource utilization through exact account of daily operations. Tools include cost monitoring, timetable compliance and performance analysis.


Products                                                             Main features
Fleet Management System                                  Web-based application for validating schedule data
On-Board Fleet Management                              Intelligent resource management
Active Traffic Control                                           Automated update on new/replaced vehicles
Intelligent Data Transformation                           Arrival and departure prediction/calculation
Real-Time Information Exchange                        Competitive Eco-Driving
Transport Operational Reports                            Vehicle and driver progress (status and logging)
Vehicle Security System


Cost savings
Improved regularity and punctuality
Media independent architecture
Reliable configuration and version handling

How to succeed
Apply FARA Fleet Management for advanced and reliable management of vehicles. Harvest real-time data from fleet to ensure and improve fleet effectivity, transport economy and schedule regularity. Use system to establish reliable forecasts and prognosis for vehicle movement.

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