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FARA Mobile Ticket

FARA Mobile Ticket is a smartphone app for buying Public Transport tickets. All ticketing business logic, administration and reporting are enabled through the cloud-based, stand-alone solution FARA Sales Service.

All product– geographic– and pricing data in the app are updated in real-time.

FARA Sales Service connects to third-party ticketing back-end systems.


FARA Mobile Ticket Main Features
  • Predefined single tickets
  • Dynamic geography
  • Period tickets
  • Easy-Buy feature 
  • Map for location and buying tickets
  • Direct linking to i.e PTA Twitter feed



  • Credit and debit card
  • Phone bill
  • Mobile account
  • Invoice


Ticket Validation and inspection

  • Machine validation of the QR code
  • Visual verification of the daily generated animation
  • Inspector device


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