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Presentation of our new customer Skelleftebuss- and Deliveries


Skelleftebuss is one of the largest public transport bus operators in northern Sweden. The company is owned by the municipality of Skellefteå, and they run a total of 130 buses. Of these, about 100 perform regional traffic for Länstrafiken, and 30 run traffic in the city of Skellefteå.

Up to now the city traffic has been a part of the regional ticketing system of Västerbotten, but on 9th of June Skelleftebuss signed a contract with FARA for a separate system.

The project includes many of our products such as the Mobile app with ticketing and real time, QR-reader, Infotainment, Active Traffic Control and fleet management.

FARA and Skelleftebuss are very excited about the project and we are convinced that it will be a success for both parties.

If you have questions regarding sales in Sweden, please contact Sales Manager Elin Ander. For more information about our new customer, visit www.skelleftebuss.se

Project deliverables

FARA Ticketing System - Central System (FTS-CS)
• Complete new HW kit in bus
• EMV terminals Chip & Go
• NSD MifareDesfire cards
• Archive Database
• Reporting

Mobile App
• Ticketing
• Real-time
• QR-reader, for the validation of mobile tickets

Real-Time On-board (RTO)
• Next stop voice announcements
• Next stop internal screens, Infotainment screens (not led)
• Outside bus destination signs

Real-Time Central System (RTI-CS)
• ATC, active traffic control and fleet management
• Infotainment

Maintenance and Support

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